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What is your position at Axenon and what is the best thing about working here?

  • At Axenon I'm working as a Marketing Technical Developer. I am responsible for the implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud - the design, planning and the building of 1:1 Customer Journeys. That also includes segmentation based on SQL queries, and to be able to do that I need to have a good understanding of the data model and all the relationships between the objects. The best thing about working at Axenon / NoA is that I have new challenges and learn new things every day. Our customers are very varied, so new use cases arise all the time. At Axenon, we value team spirit and prioritize allocating time to do things together. Everything from a casual after work to ski-trips. This is something I value highly.”


    Marketing Technical Developer

  • My position at Axenon is Salesforce Consultant with responsibility for Experience Cloud. The best thing about working at Axenon /NoA is that we have a wide variety of tasks and a great team of colleagues. It´s really interesting to work in different projects and meeting new people at different companies around Sweden. At Axenon we also have a great team spirit working together and helping each other. Also we have really fun, both at work and outside working hours on our regular AWs


    Salesforce Consultant

  • At Axenon, I am working as a Project Manager within our non-profit team! I find it both very fun and rewarding to work with our non-profit clients! In the projects, we help the client to get an overall picture of their donor data, make changes in working practices and implement system support to nurture their relationship with donors. The best thing about working at Axenon / NoA is that I, together with my colleagues, are able to establish new ways of working for our non-profit clients and enable them to become “donor-centric


    Project Manager

  • I work as a Project Manager most for the field service projects and service projects. The best thing with Axenon is that you work with different projects and different customers, every single day, which also makes every day an exciting new challenge! To add one another thing is that you can create your own path to work with the things that you are good at and like the most. Axenon really highlights your strengths and place great emphasis on personal and professional development


    Project Manager